Apulian wedding

Dreaming an Apulian Wedding

02 June 2018

When it comes to exclusive weddings in Italy, Puglia one of the destinations that in recent years is definitely among the most desired by futures spouses.

An Apulian wedding has many elements like its of locations and climate that make it unique in the eyes of every bride. Thanks to its beautiful landscapes and its traditions, this represents the perfect combination between majestic history and natural beauty.

The inspiration for your dream wedding comes from the territory itself: the wonderful and surreal locations offer the opportunity to organize events that are elegant, romantic and ethereal.

The breathtaking venues, rich in history and tradition, are the perfect setting for a luxury Italian wedding. You can choose whether to celebrate a romantic wedding by a beautiful beaches, maybe at sunset, when the sun drops on the horizon creating wonderful light games on the crystal clear waters, or celebrate it in one of the typical Apulian locations, like the "Masserie", a local architectural structures, that is one  examples of a perfect fusion between elegance and tradition.

This tradition is also evoked in many typical local elements, such as the "Pumo di Grottaglie", a traditional handcrafted piece from Puglia, a symbol of abundance and good luck. This, being a symbol of birth, can be used as an ornament or even as a symbolic cadeau for the guests.

Polignano a Mare, with its white houses, blessed by the blue of the sea, Bari, with the evocative Norman-Swabian castle, Alberobello with its enchanting "trulli", Lecce, with its baroque buildings: every corner in Puglia offers a dream setting for an unforgettable wedding, that the bride and groom will never want to end.

When the last slice of cake is  eaten and the sun sets by the sea, the spouses will know that the fairy tale has just begun.