Get married in Italy

Unique wedding venues in Italy

12 March 2018

Immediately after receiving the much-desired proposal (and obviously after having answered  yes!), the painful notes arrives: everything to organize and a thousand details to be defined. But of course the first thing you think about is: where do we get married? Well, when you find yourself facing this question and try to think of the most romantic place to say "Yes, I do", the answer is almost always the same: a wedding in ItalyThere are countless reasons that make the "Bel Paese" a coveted and sought destination for all the couples whom from all over the world are looking for unique wedding venues to celebrate their most beautiful day. Between history and traditions, excellent food and pleasant climate, getting married in Italy is the most natural choice when you are looking for unique wedding venues in Italy and when you want a wedding to be remembered forever. Italy offers an infinite amount of locations and venues that evoke a variety of different sensations, able to satisfy the gamut of tastes and needs.

One of the most fascinating places is for example Favignana, in Sicily. The butterfly-shaped island with its breathtaking scenery, like the enchanting Cave of Lovers, makes it a perfect choice for a Mediterrean style wedding during the spring and summer months. Getting married in Favignana is quite spectacular, because here the structures are often derived from natural materials, such as those that arise within the fascinating tuff quarries that characterize the whole island.

For lovers of art and luxury Rome will certainly not disappoint. The eternal city is rich in history and enchanting atmospheres at any time of the year. Here, choosing among the many beautiful venues is really difficult. The churches are breathtaking and it is almost impossible to describe them in their gigantic beauty: we go from the smallest and most hidden to the most imposing, all of them absolute masterpieces. But when you say the words: I’m getting married in Rome – you will also have the choice to celebrate a symbolic rite in one of the city's romantic gardens alongside its historical and luxurious palaces.

And how can you not think of a wedding in Tuscany, in it’s Chianti hills, famous for wines, or in the Val d'Orcia, a heritage of humanity. These are just some of its most famous locations. The many historical residences, immersed in ancient and wonderful medieval villages are ideal locations to create the perfect elegant bucolic style wedding.

Or you can choose an Apulia wedding, with its very special trulli, a true symbol of the region: stone houses built by the pugliese farmers where you have to sleep at least once in your life. You may opt for a romantic wedding on the beach, perhaps at sunset, or for a traditional ceremony in an ancient Pugliese Church, and then receive all the guests in one of the wonderful hamlets of the hinterland.

Southern Italy, with its wonderful scenery and world-renowned food, the sea view locations are naturally a must. One of the most sought after destinations, for example, is the coast of Campania overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea: whether you’re getting married in Amalfi, in Sorrento, or in Positano the result will always be a dream wedding. In short: whether you choose the sea, deciding for example to get married on an island, or if you choose a more bucolic and romantic setting, the result will always be a perfect Italian wedding.